Back Swingin’

Did I tell you about the time I partook in a salsa dance class for 2 months, and how I loved it at beginning but felt depressed about going to class at the end of it?


Well, that happened. As an introvert, how well I do in group activities is dependent on the people and personalities involved. The more class progressed, the more comfortable people felt to chit chat, the more vocal they grew, and the more withdrawn I felt from empty conversations. There were bound to be the know-it-alls who finally came out from hiding under the mask of humility and the curtain fell to reveal a form of petty competition I clearly had no time for. It was no longer a means for me to unwind — a leisure activity I do outside of baking all day and for me to connect with my partner. And with that, I was overcome with anxiety every time Tuesday night rolled around and it was time to part ways for my sanity.

Now listen, all these could possibly just be in my head. It is difficult to explain to a person who is at ease in social situations, like my partner, but it was something that affected me and whilst I tried to plough on, it came to a point of absolute unhappiness. We agreed to disagree, and we both also decided my happiness was more important.

I can still possibly dance the basic salsa if it may be the only way to save some lives in a game of Dance or Die. But for now, in the living room on a quiet night is perhaps more my speed.

One Year Later

Fast forward to this weekend, where, by some miraculous chance, I managed to clear my caking schedule to join a 2-day Lindy Hop beginners class. I wasn’t the least bit surprised that I had a really good time. Lindy Hop is a lot more bright and sprightly with a lot less structure, and the short-term commitment was the perfect arrangement for me. The participants were open and supportive of one another — minus the one diva who’s ever present in any class and event, and I thought the instructors were great teachers. And on the matter of personal taste, Swing jazz is something I enjoy a lot more than salsa beats.

So the plan is to make time and practice a few days a week, and film ourselves to see our progress. After one month, I fully expect us to be pros — at the beginner’s level, that is. So I’ll check in again after one month, then?

TL:DR version: I joined a Lindy Hop class and it was fun AF.